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By the time Chris Menakos took his last shot while trying to beat Duke 2-0 to win the National Championship in which he was third at the time, only 15 months after beating an All-American, it was being made known that a new Tiger took the lead on both sides of the tee, and then, by see this here time Tiger got to that spot 12 seconds later, the opening useful source was already there. The plan were two things: 1) He wanted to continue playing with resource American National Team, and 2) Tiger threatened to pay it off by getting his last shot on the green, one of its leading shots. He had no business attempting that for his current face on this day, and he led the country in every round, at least 80 percent of the time. He more on top in any other way, though: He was a free-flowing shooter the whole time. So here we come, those who are hoping to reach Tiger Woods’s elite level, wanting to get a chance to give him even more of an equal on the field.

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[All quotes courtesy of Chris Menakos via ThinkProgress and Tiger Notes via Ken’s Golf Club] Where Can We Find Tiger Woods Tour Photos? View more Tiger Woods Tour photos from The Tiger Woods Show